No thanks needed…

His name is Birch. A professor of pokémon that lives in Littleroot, my neighbour apparently.  


I picked a Mudkip! I defended the professor against a particularly aggressive pokémon. With great success if I do say so myself. This pokémon is so skilled that it knows four moves already!


Turns out this professor was out in the woods and being attacked by a wild pokémon. He was so scared that he told me to choose a pokéball from within his dropped satchel so I could help him. Me. Use a pokémon. My palms got sweaty and I tried to choose wisely, but in truth,…

Nosy girl

Heard a noise just outside of town, almost like a scream, and there was this cowering girl. Stuck between running away and  towards the sound. She didn’t even tell me her name. She was too curious for her own good, so I sent her home and went on to check on the commotion. Not having…

Step town

I didn’t even bother learning the name of the place where I was moving to. Turns out it’s called “Littleroot Town”. Quaint little name ain’t it?

Brand new day

Meeting my basic necessities goes a long way, and after relaxing a bit, my new bedroom is much more pleasant than I had thought the night before.

Blind Furniture

So as you can figure, changing houses and towns isn’t pleasant, especially when your mom is so suspicious of the moving company that she makes you ride along with the furniture… I’m sore, hungry and cranky. Just want to get out of here and take a hot shower. Just hope no one makes me unload…