Never forget the first.

I left the lab behind and headed back to route 101, anxious to put some space between me and that awful girl. Stopped by my house to say hi to my mom and as soon as I stepped in the tall grass a pidgey appeared. Sure it was a frail and small thing, and I considered if i was going to waste a pokéball on it, but something inside me told me to risk it.

Appearances can be deceiving, as it promptly deflected my first pokéball. He had a fighting spirit. So I carefully weakened him and tried again. And again I was denied. Even at death’s door he refused to be defeated. I tried once more and he finally gave in. I think he had just passed out and couldn’t resist.


And that was it, the pidgey was mine. I rushed him home to heal and pondered a name for him, but was in no mood to figure one out.

After telling my story to my mother over lunch, she was in awe, surprised that a bird lasted that long and was that resilient. “I don’t know what he is, but he’s no bird!” she said jokingly.

And that gave me an idea… a silly, idiotic and funny idea, but I ran with it. I named my pidgey “Cat”.



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