Should’ve stayed home

There she was, right at the end of route 103, little May looking at a patch of tall grass and looking busy.


She was nice enough, very talkative and before I knew it I was in a battle.


And what a battle it was… I’ll admit, I was terrified at the end. Splash was very close to zero and I was out of potions. But we rallied and delivered a final blow.


What I didn’t count on was her reaction to the outcome, she was actually joyful, as if losing her pokémon didn’t affect her at all, while all I could do was hug Splash and get ready to run towards the pokécenter.


But even that she didn’t let me do properly, she was more worried about getting home.

Has she no feelings? Gotta say I don’t like her attitude towards pokémon. She seems like she doesn’t care if she loses them.


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