I don’t believe it!!!

When I bought my pokéballs, the shopkeeper gave me a Premier Ball. He said I should save it for a special occasion.

As the afternoon went on, I got used to defeating pokémon, capturing them and thought I pretty much registered every one on route 101. I then moved on to route 103 and my very first encounter was an Eevee!


I coudn’t believe my eyes. Ever since I could remember, I adored that pokémon and all of its forms, especially the psychic and dark forms. I also knew that it was nearly impossible to catch a wild one, they were usually bred and sold.

I think I was trembling as I reached for my pokéballs, scared it would runaway or that I would do too much damage.

One, two, three pokéballs and nothing, he just came out of them. I attacked once more and my heart skipped a bit, he was hanging on by a thread.

I gripped a pokéball a threw it, only then realizing it was the Premier one.

It closed. Tilted once, twice… and remained closed. I had caught  myself an Eevee.


What a rush!!!! I ran to the pokécenter for a thorough heal and then marvel at my capture.

I still couldn’t believe I had caught an Eevee.


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