I’m just getting started…

Once I had pokéballs with me, it seemed like I had bait, or candy, the point is that pokémon jumped at me as soon as I set one foot inside the tall grass. I did my best to manage my pokéballs, catching one of each kind as best as I could, and being extremely careful as to not harm them seriously, though some casualties ensued.


By the time I had caught two new pokémon, I had already … “defeated” five of them. And I was starting to feel awful about it. Especially since there were no corpses to be seen.

I’d see them fall, but after that they would simply disappear. Went to the professor for some clarity, and he explained that sometimes wild pokémon got eaten by other pokémon, however, the most common situation would be that the pokémon would simply disintegrate due to the extreme energies they’d gather in their fragile bodies. upon death, that energy was released and vaporized the entire body, sometimes even some of the surroundings. That explained some of the scorchmarks I found on the ground.

As for the population, most pokémon had an extremely fast reproductive cycle, so they were never truly in any danger of extinction.

All these facts buzzed around my head, and I tried to come to terms with them, as every other trainer had.


Went back into the tall grass and although I did feel a little less guilty about “defeating” a pokémon, I did everthing in my power to avoid it. I verified that it resulted in less experience gained for my team, but it was worth it, at least to me. I would only defeat them when necessary. Capture was preferable, but I couldn’t do it to every single one.

Those that I did capture, I rushed to the pokécenter.


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