As the afternoon ended I was satisfied with myself. I had caught a bunch of pokémon including a rare one, and managed to minimize the casualties.

I gave nicknames to a few and was pleasantly surprised when I found out one of them was carrying an item. Free goodies!



However it was time for some tough decisions. As I had verified, I could only travel with six pokémon at any given moment. So I had to decide on which pokémon to train.


I went to a pc and spent a few moments considering all my options. Finally I thought a more diversified team would be best. Still I doubted myself, wished I could take more with me.


For now I decided on: Cerebrus (Poochyena), Splash (Mudkip), Cat (Pidgey), Purrloin, Eevee and Luxio.

Then it dawned on me… some pokémon only come out at night. Turns out nothing was set in stone, except my pokéballs, those were almost gone and I had no funds to acquire more. If I was gonna change my roster that night, I needed lady luck on my side… and also a nice dinner.


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