The little boy that couldn’t…

A few miscalculations on my part. First I underestimated how tired I was after dinner, so much so that I almost fell asleep. So much for my night time conquest.

The next morning i went back to Birch and he explained that although day and night influenced the pokémon, in this region, it didn’t affect their spawn rate or location, at least that he knew of.

I made my way through route 102, facing and defeating a couple of trainers. One of them stopped the battle before it concluded. He just grabbed his pokémon and ran to the pokécenter.

The next one I faced had a sturdier mindset, seeing as he didn’t break down after losing.



For the hundredth time it seemed. But that didn’t stop him, didn’t even seem to faze him. Just closed his eyes for a bit, looked up, smiled, wished me luck and went into the tall grass, probably to try and get another pokémon. One that would finally grant him a victory.



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