Showdown… not.


The  sun was setting, my pokémon were primed, my focus was at an all-time high, I felt ready to face the challenge of the gym. So I approached it. Game face on. And stepped through the door.


Dad?! Really? This is where he went? Couldn’t he have said something? He’s not even far, he could be home all the time. I don’t get it.


And on top of that, he wouldn’t face me, he said I wasn’t enough of a challenge. Instead he sent me to the next town, to face the gym there.


With a skilled trainer as a father, one would say he could’ve given me a heads up about what I was gonna face. But no, absentee father, absentee guide, absentee everything.

He’s looking forward to it? Well I’m certainly not. I hope that by the time I get to face him he’s no longer here. No, even better. I’m gonna face him, and I’m gonna beat him senseless.


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