After a while, I was finally at route 104. I could see the ocean and what seemed like a wide beach.

Went down to the sand to enjoy it a bit and felt relieved as I noticed the path didn’t require me to head into the water.

Of course not everyone was ther to enjoy the beach. I Had just started to relax when this kid walks up to me, smiling, pulls out a pokéball, says a cheesy line and starts a battle.

pokemon-emerald_06I mean c’mon, let me relax a bit. But no, there I was in a battle with a kid who probably didn’t even bother catching a full roster of pokémon. And on top of that he was convinced he was the best at his age.

The battle of course, was almost over before it began. pokemon-emerald_07

And as expected, facing defeat made him cry and run away, yelling something about his shoes.

I sighed and tried to make the most of the beach, at least for a little while.

Walked along the water until I saw two men talking, facing the water.

I asked if I could sit by them and they agreed. They weren’t talking about nothing in particular, just the weather mostly. Then one of them asked me if I was a trainer, and if I wanted to battle.

This caught me completely off-guard. No one had ever asked me if I wanted to battle, I just got caught in one battle after another. He seemed genuinely excited by the idea, so I got up and pulled out a pokéball.


His friend didn’t even glance at the action, which was surprisingly hard to win. He also stopped the match before I could defeat his pokémon. Their mutual affection was obvious and both of them were just looking for some exercise.

He happily thanked me for my time while nursing his pokémon back to health. The other man just looked onward to the ocean, spouting nonsense about the ocean fllor.



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