Encounter under the trees

Most of the forest was occupied by insect and bird pokémon with some plant ones in the mix. None of them were noticeably worth catching though.

I was now almost halfway through, or so it seemed. Found a few items, pokéballs among them. Both the regular ones and the advanced great balls. That was a pleasant surprise.

Almost didn’t notice a green-suited man nearby, coming out of a patch of tall grass. Muttering something about not being able to find a Shroomish.


He seemed lost in thought and I did not want to bother him but he was blocking my path.

The tall grass moved, and yet another man came out of it, dressed like a pirate, threatening the green suit.

Apparently the pirate was waiting to ambush the green suit on the other side of the forest but got impatient.


Papers? Which papers? Looked like they were important enough to get beat up over.

Okay, i wasn’t going to let this man get beat up and stolen, but I also wasn’t expecting to be converted into a human shield. He just ran behind me cowering in fea and asking for help.


So I helped him. What else could I do?

Even though he only had a pokémon, the battle was fierce. Not that his pokémon was anything special, but it was very well trained. I won, but by very little and almost lost one of my own.


After the battle he was ready to go again, but realized he had no pokémon left. Still he boasted aout something called team Aqua, and that they wouldn’t be stopped from taking care of business in Rustboro.

Then he left, disappearing into the trees..

The green suit got up from his praying. Dusted himself off, thanked me for my help, and ranaway, muttering something about Rustboro.


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