Lady in the road


A very well dressed woman was picking flowers by the road. Every piece of clothing looked tailored, every movement she made seemed calculated, precise.

She turned and looked at me, the hint of a smile in her lips. She bowed, I bowed back,  she politely greeted me, I responded, then she put her hand inside her basket and took out a pokéball.

As she threw it into the air, I noticed her face was dead serious, almost frightening, but her mouth, it showed the broadest, nicest smile one could imagine.

The battle was was quick, and victory was mine.


She didn’t cry, yell, or showed any kind of emotion, besides reducing the width of her smile a bit. She bowed again, said goodbye and wished me luck on my journey, hoping she would meet me again.

I for one did not. I courteously said goodbye and went the other way as fast as I could. That woman scared me. Even more so as she started picking flowers again. Only this time she was also humming.


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