Luck of the throw

Behind the greenhouse there was a small patch of tall grass that I decided to investigate. Turns out the patch wasn’t so small and full of gaps, with some items just lying around, like they were just dropped.

I met a few common pokémon but as I was leaving, an Abra teleported in front of me. I tried to catch him but he swiftly dodged my ball and teleported away, leaving a potion in his stead. Seemed like they were stealing these items and just storing them here. Some Abras were actually known for being pranksters and thieves.


I wasted two more pokéballs trying to get another Abra, but as the first one, it also got away.

Then finally, I was finishing a wild battle with a Rattata and ordered my Leafeon to use razor leaf. At that moment an Abra teleported in the middle of the strike and was so surprised, it fell to the ground. Now was my chance. I picked a great ball and threw it.


I held my breath for five long seconds in anticipation. But it was worth it. I had just caught myself an Abra.


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