New plan

After a night in the center I needed a new plan, so first thing in the morning I went back home, to have a look at mom’s map and make a plan.

I had already been to Petalburg, where my so called father instructed me to head onto Rustoboro. However I had no idea how to get there.


According to the map, there was a route that connected both locations, route 104.


Now, apparently the only way to go through, meant crossing some water. Maybe there was a boat available nearby. Would have to see when I got there.

From there it seemed to be a straight shot until Rustboro.


As I was leaving, thought about telling mom about the gym leader but decided not to. She always had a lonely sadness about her, and now that she saw me as a trainer, I saw that reflected on me. I couldn’t let this stand. I would have to do better than… him.


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