The woods

Ok, this was not in the map. Looks like I have to go through a forest to get to Rustboro.


On the positive side, I am probably going to get tons of experience in there. On the other hand, I have no idea how long it will take me to cross it.

Seeing as it is still early, I could probably make it by sundown int the worst of cases. Have a lunch in a clearing somewhere inside if needed.

So in I went.


As first impressions go, I wasn’t too fond it. Dark and damp with lots of tall grass patches. But there was something off about them. They had faults, patches of dirt gave the feeling that someon had been recently digging there. But there were too many patches. Maybe some pokémon liked to dig ? And store shiny objects? Seeing as I found a potion in one of these patches.

I kept going through the forest, dragging my feet among the dirt, checking if something was buried in each patch. But more often than not, it was simply stirred.

I was so focused on finding items that I didn’t even notice this trainer until he was almost upon me. Boasting about his roster of bug pokémon.


Needless to say i made short work of him and carried on. The louder they bark, the easier they are. He got on his knees and started pounding the ground in anger. While it was true he did have a full roster, his pokémon were seriously undertrained, even I as a beginner was aware of that. I hoped that at the very least he had learned something…


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