What in the…

The rest of my venture into the woods was relatively uneventful, a few items, a few battles. One trainer even gave me an item to enhance grass moves, said she was only focused on supporting other trainers, that she had no interest in battling herself.


Gotta say I’m a bit tired of insect pokémon and of all the boasting that was done about them. Just because you like them, don’t shove it down my throat. If they are really that great I’ll find it out by myself.

I got to the edge of the forest and I could see the path leading out. I was finally done. And in time for lunch. Much sooner than expected.


But before I left, something caught my ear, a narrow path that somehow hummed and whistled. I followed it and found myself before a boulder. One that could only be moved by pokémon, and the ones I had did not have the  necessary strength to push it aside. The whistling and humming came from behind it, from what seemd to be a big hole… but not quite, there was something off about it.


Seeing as I couldn’t go any further, I made a mental note to comeback later and headed to the exit.



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