Afternoon action


Close to where I had had lunch earlier, stood a well dressed and very polished man. He had been there earlier, quiet, waiting and smiling. A very subtle smile, almost mischievous.

He was probably a trainer, and sure enough, as soon as I passed him by he approached me, boasted about his money and sent out his pokémon. Not even a greeting. Straight to  business and straight to failure.

He said something about his stock and business and then went away. I don’t think he even registered our battle on a conscious level. I don’t think he even knew which pokémon he was using.

A little way up ahead I met another trainer. An excited girl that just couldn’t help herself. Her pokémon were pratically out of its ball even before she threw it. Almost as if they shared in her excitement.

The battle was quick and I was victorious, but more than the experience gained, what marked me was the strong bond she shared with her companions. She laughed, she cried and could swear she almost felt their pain when they were hit. She didn’t let the battle come to a close. She stopped it and quickly proceeded to care for her pokémon.

To me she was a role model.



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