Axe master


There was a house next to the center, identified as the Cutter’s house. I knocked twice and was allowed entrance.

pokemon-emerald_21I was greeted  by a rugged looking man. I shook his calloused hands and almost got a splinter from those stuck in his skin. His daughter was delicate by comparison, seemed fragile even, but shared the same warm expression as her father.

He offered me a seat and proceeded to tell me about his role in the founding of Rustboro.

Turns out he was the one responsible for clearing out the terrain for each and every building. And as he got more proficient with the axe, he noticed his pokémon was mimicking his movements, and even though they weren’t very powerful, those were precise strikes.

He bpokemon-emerald_22uilt on that and made the first HM, which he adequately named Cut.

Since then he mostly spent his time at home, telling his stories to trainers and sharing his knowledge. And with that he gave me the HM 01, and a  warning. I could only use it if I gained the Rustboro badge at the gym. It would only be unlocked after getting the badge. Seemed like even though it was basic, they were careful about who they’d let use this move. And I suspected the other HM’s would have similar requirements.


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