Center gift

The center for pokémon, as in the other towns, had its own nurse and fellow trainers waiting for the pokémon to get better. One of these was a sad woman.

She told me of a special move that allowed me to cut trees down. That she used and abused that move, to a point where she ruined a pokémon nest. The parents fell from the tree too quickly and died on impact. The little infant she was able to save.

She however didn’t find herself worthy of raising it, so she was waiting around for someone she could depend on.

It was a Togepi, and as soon it saw me, it leapt into my arms, snuggling against my chest. I smiled and held him. The woman was crying, and smiling at the same time. She said the pokémon had made the choice. She wished me well, kissed Togepi on its head, and left the center.


Now I had this little cutie to take care of, he looked so funny in his little shell. I named him Shelly.


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