Bright lamps, wide streets, white pavements and tall buildings. Rustboro was very different from the towns I had visited so far. Especially in size. Something about tall buildings made me diminish, feel smaller.

There was much to explore before finding my way to the gym. So I took to the streets, I spoke to the people and I lost myself in this city. And what a city it was. They had a whole building just for housing employees of a corporation called Devon.


One of those I talked to, told me about the owner of the house I had been to earlier, the one by the sea. That its owner was usually seen walking around in a tunnel. Another one asked me if I was a transfer student to the trainer school. I pokitely denied it, but went on to investigate this school. They were in the middle of class, talking about status ailments, their effects and remedies. Nothing I hadn’t seen before.



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