You reap what you sow

The journey through Petalburg forest, although shorter than expected, wasn’t without its consequences. Even after a good lunch, my pokémon needed to recover at a center. So I made use of Ralts ability, I teleported us back to Petalburg.

My team recovered almost intantly, and since I was close to the first patch I had planted, I went to check on it.


There were two fully grown bushes, full of berries, just waiting to be picked. So I  picked them and planted two additional bushes.

Afterwards I made my way back to the forest, I remembered there was another patch at the entrance. And as luck would have it, this one also had fully grown bushes.


At this rate I would need a new bag just for berries, and as I did before, I planted replacemente bushes for the berries I had picked.

Crossing the forest was very easy this time. I knew exactly where to go and the shortest route to take in order to get to the other side.

That part was uneventful, and as I expected, the patch of dirt by the greenhouse was already filled with berries.


As I plucked all the berries and planted replacements, I felt myself being watched. The three sisters were smiling at me from the door. Nodding approvingly as I watered the would be plants. I smiled back and then went on my way.


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