Fact finding

Pokemon Emerald_01

I left Devon and went on to find more about the gym. As luck would have it, a retired trainer was passing by. He shared some words of wisdom with me. Not of caution or encouragement, just solid advice. Told me to make sure my pokémon were ready. To make sure this is what I wanted.  And to be aware that this was only the beginning of the path. Then he left.

And there I was facing the gym. Alone with my pokémon. Gotta say i’ve never been more terrified in my whole life.

I inspected the plaque beside it.

Pokemon Emerald_02Pokemon Emerald_03

At least now I knew the name of the gym leader.

I took a deep breath and stepped inside.

Pokemon Emerald_04

If I didn’t know better, I would’ve said I was inside a cave. A polished one, but still a cave.

There were two pillars by the entrance and a well dressed man by one of them. Most of the info he told me I already knew. This was a rock pokémon gym led by Roxanne and that I had ot navigate the gym where her pupils trained in order to get to her. This meant I could end up battling more than just the leader.

I took a moment to gather my thoughts and though I felt the adrenaline rushing through me, getting me ready for action, I steadied myself and turned around. It was not yet time to face this challenge. I needed my pokémon to be of a higher level and adjust my team types to the counter rock.


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