Permission denied

New day and opportunities abound. The initial design was to gather info about the gym, make a battle plan to challenge and beat it. But before that, I thought I’d go into the Devon corporation, to see if I could find the guy I had rescued in the woods earlier… maybe a reward would ensue.

Pokemon Emerald_06The entrance was as fancy as one would expect from such a huge corporation. Two  display cases with the companies scientific finds and and accomplishments were just beyond reach. One had to talk to the young girl behind the counter in order to inspect them. Not worth it though, there weren’t any actual items on display, just descriptions. There were too many security risks, especially with their scientists being targeted.

Turns out my encounter in the forest had some repercussions. Security had been seriously  tightened. Visitors would usually be allowed to browse the building, see the investigation first hand. The company prided itself on not having its secrets on display for everyone to see. But now, now no one was allowed beyond the lobby. Access was restricted. Apparently the pirate menace, Aqua team was it? Had not yet been dealt with.

Pokemon Emerald_07


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