And so we train

Pokemon Emerald_01

Leafeon, Splash and Ralts were my main players, their types the most valuable in the challenge to come. I had three other members in my current configuration, none of which were gonna be very useful for now but i still needed strong pokémon for other gyms so I trained them as well.

There were also trainers wandering North of the city of course, and I did battle and won against a couple of them.

The first one was a very optimistic kid and very proud of his pokémon. Not even defeat brought his spirit down. The second one seemed like he had just made it out of Petalburg forest since he only had insect pokémon. And like the all the other insect  trainers I had fought so far, this one couldn’t wait to boast about the vantages of their pokémon and how much better they were.

Pokemon Emerald_02

And like all the ones before him, this one was also defeated.


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