Big power, small package

Pokemon Emerald_06

Lunch time was just around the corner and I found a nice clearing were we could eat in peace.

My team was busy devouring their food, training sure worked up an appetite. My stomach growled one last time as I took my first bite, but before I could swallow, a small blue pokémon appeared. The little guy almost made me choke.

He quickly approached my team and tackled them, trying to steal bits of food. I got up and tried to scare him off, to no effect. He kept trying to attack, so I indulged him.

Ralts was the one that had almost finished his meal, so I called on him and went to battle. But before we could make a move, the little blue guy attacked with such force that I came very close to being defeated. Impressed, I decided on trying to capture him instead of beating him. Even at the end of his rope, Ralts managed an effective attack effectively confusing the wild pokémon.

I took advantage of the situation and managed to capture him.

Pokemon Emerald_07

Ralts went back into his pokéball to rest until we went to a center and the rest of us finished lunch in peace. Seemed tastier than when I had started.


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