Pink on the inside

Pokemon Emerald_13

Route 116 was the only path out of the city, and also the closest place where I could continue training my pokémon. Nothing like some exercise to help the digestion process.

The very first encounter I had was with a weird one I had met before, a tough one at that. Each time I faced one it gave me a lot of experience but those were some tough cookies to get.

Pokemon Emerald_01It looked like a small, tiny medieval soldier. At its core one could see a little pink body with mean little eyes.

Even though the level discrepancy was obvious, this guy didn’t run away and didn’t back down.

All the more reason to try and get him. I had a feeling he would certainly be useful in the future.

Pokemon Emerald_02After a few hits he was obviously weakened but still didn’t quit and neither did I. I risked one pokéball, two, three and he still managed to avoid capture.

Luck finally showed its smile to me and I was able to capture it.

I now had a Shelmet in my possession, just needed to raise it properly and it would be a valuable ally.

I was sure of it.

Pokemon Emerald_03


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