Poison all around

Pokemon Emerald_20Pokemon Emerald_21

The impact Houndour had on me, faded almost immediately after I set my eyes on this fellow. Skorupi looked liked something out of a nightmare. Poisonous and menacing. If things went on like this I could create an entire team of scary pokémon. I caught him after a little damage dealt.

Pokemon Emerald_22Pokemon Emerald_14

Soon after, I saw a most disconcerting sight. A puddle moving of its own accord. Its stench almost as bad as Koffing, if not worse. The trail it left behind him was rotten and foul. I hesitated before confronting this creature but only for a second and had my pokémon use long range attacks just in case.

Pokemon Emerald_15Pokemon Emerald_16

A few hits almost made short work of it but in the end it managed to survive and I managed to capture it. I don’t think that pokéballs were made for pokémon like this one. The sludge kept seeping out of the cracks. I had to store this pokéball in a plastic bag, also because of the smell.


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