Boss fight


There I was, finally, head to head with the gym leader Roxanne. Time to see what all the fuss was about, didn’t know if the battle would be double or not, so I rearranged my line-up to have both Splash and Leafeon as leaders. She stayed quiet, didn’t move from her seat, just smiled and beckoned me to come closer.

She grabbed a pokéball from her waist, yelled out a battlecry and threw it in front of me. An Aron came out and growled at me. If I wasn’t convinced before I was now, I wanted and needed an Aron.

P4 (2)P4 (3)

It was strong, but not strong enough to hold its own against Leafeon. That battle was quick.

The second pokémon was new to me and looked like a small crab. Unlike a crab, this one was not used to water and Splash was tough on him. Defeat was unevitable.

Third pokémon that came out was also a newcomer in my pokédex, a boulder with a nose. Nosepass moved very slowly, but looked very sturdy.So much that it managed to resist more than one water hit from Splash. The second hit almost beat it to a pulp, but before I could celebrate it used an Oran berry.

P4 (4)P4 (5)

And then Roxanne used a potion, bringing it close to full health. But the battle had already been decided and I had a feeling she knew this. Nosepass wasn’t able to keep up with Splash. Beating it was a mere formality at this point, and as she did with the first two pokémon, she stopped the battle before she lost her pokémon.

P4 (6)P4 (7)

At the end I stood victorious. The pokémon league Stone badge in my hand.


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