Encounter 2 – Double trouble


The maze wasn’t that complex and soon after I found myself near its exit, a large trainer blocking the way. Looked like I would have another pactice run before facing Roxanne.

He was smiling as I got closer but didn’t move a single muscle. In fact, I was so focused on him that I barely registered somone touching my right arm. It was another trainer.

 P3 (2)P3 (3)

This pair  was a little more modest than the first guy, but not by much. This however caught me by surprise. I hadn’t antecipated a doubles battle inside the gym so I was forced to use Shelly, since he was second in my line-up.

This wouldn’t do, Shelly’s only move was too unpredictable. I had to change him for a more reliable pokémon, especially because one of the pokémon, Aron, looked particularly tough, its small stature seemed misleading.

P3 (4)P3 (5)

True enough, one Razor leaf was enough to beat Geodude, but Aron remained. Tough little guy. At the very least I could try and put it to sleep with Shelly’s yawn.

As Onix substituted the defeated pokémon I replaced Shelly with Splash.

The sheer size of Onix was impressive, and yes he was powerful but no match for grass and water types. A joint attack defeated it, and yet Aron remained. I knew it was tough but c’mon, this was a bit absurd. I needed to try and get my hands on one.

P3 (6)P3 (7)

After that the battle was even more unbalanced since my two pokémon were only facing one. Aron did good until now but he wouldn’t withstand another attack. Its trainer made no signal  for retreat, or that he wanted the battle to stop. So I ended it with a water gun.

P3 (8)P3 (9)

Even after that, the trainer didn’t concede the battle and deployed another weird looking pokémon, a Roggenrola, and this one gave off the same feeling as Aron. Small but powerful. And still it was no match for my dynamic duo.

P3 (10)P3 (11)

Victory was mine! The path to Roxanne was now wide open. When I passed them by, they shouted a warning at me, telling me to expect much stronger pokémon from Roxanne. That I probably wouldn’t be able to win… I was going to prove them wrong.


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