Encounter one


I entered the maze and the trainer that was slacking against a wall immediately jumped at me.

He boasted about his powerful pkémon and that he shouldn’t be taken lightly. That gym trainers were on a whole different league from reagular trainers.

I started with Leafeon and my opponent called out a Bonsly. A rock pokémon that looked like a small bush.

P2 (2)P2 (3)

Leafeon used Razor leaf and defeated the pokémon in one fell swoop. Seemed like all that boasting and pride were misplaced.

P2 (4)P2 (5)

He told me to go on ahead, that I was way better than he had expected.

As I went past him he yelled out a warning, that this was just the beginning, the leader was several times stronger than he was and her pokémon were fierce. That I should be careful.


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