Winning prizes

P5P5 (2)

After the battle, Roxanne remained seated but commended me on my excellent battle prowess.

She held out her hand and gave me a small hard pin, a badge, the rock badge, my first badge  She also gave me a TM, the TM 39 which enabled me to teach Rock Tomb, a move she repeatedly used during the previous battle..

P5 (3)P5 (4)

She then told me I could proceed with my journey and bowed. I bowed back and exited the gym. It was only then that I screamed. I had won! Even startled a few onlookers.

I took out my trainer card and affixed the rock badge to it. It was official. I had a badge and could now use the HM 01. There was time tomorrow. Didn’t know the time but it was late, I was tired, needed sleep. Time to head back to the center and rest up. Tomorrow the journey continues.


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