Big man Devan


There was a hiker nearby,  and as I approached he engaged me in battle. Introduced himself as Devan and started saying he was surprised that someone as young as me managed to get past the trap.

As it turns out, the team I had just faced prey on the young and inexperienced, beating them mercilessly and then, in the face of defeat, they would offer to stop the battle and take the pokémon to a center before it was too late. The desperate trainers would be extremely thankful and go with them. A few days later they would be found in the center, without any pokémon or recollection of what had transpired. Since there was no proof or memory of the act no one could lay a finger on them. That’s where Devan came in.

Devan was in fact an undecover cop who was posing as a trainer, giving aid to those who managed to get past the trap and trying to catch them in the act, but without any luck so far. We started to battle, mostly to keep appearances.

P9 (2)

The battle was short and easy, and he made a big fuss about losing, so that anyone within earshot could hear him. Then told me to move on, that I couldn’t help, that if needed he would call on me, if only to testify.

I asked him if he had seen a guy dressed like a pirate run past him and he confirmed, the pirate did in fact go towards the tunnel.


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