Morning theft

Now that was a night well spent. Got plenty of rest and woke up ready to face the day and resume my journey. I had seen what Rustboro had to offer, I had beaten the gym and was now eager to move on… or so I thought.

After a plentiful breakfast I exited the center and proceeded north, towards the northern exit. Didn’t know exactly where I would go next but felt like roaming aimlessly a bit, exploring the countryside. However I didn’t even get close to leaving the city. Someone almost knocked me over as I was passing by the Devon building. The man was dressed like a pirate, had somehting in his hand and was running like a maniac towards the town exit. It was the same man I had ran into previously while I was crossing the forest.

P6P6 (2)

Seconds later I was almost knocked over again by another man, a green suited one. He looked desperate and kept yelling to the other one, begging him to stop. I had also seen this one before in the forest and he looked as helpless now as he did then.

I sighed and decided to pursue him before he hurt himself. Idnd’t have to run too long though. The man was catching his breath by the city exit, the pirate was nowhere to be seen.

P6 (3)P6 (4)

He recognized me immediately and almost crying, begged me for help, said he would make my day if I managed to return what he called  “Devon Goods”, whatever that was. He informed the culprit was a member of team Aqua and that I should be careful.

I thanked him for the warning but smiled on the inside. I had faced the pirate before and he was no cause for concern, and that was before I beat the gym. Retrieving the merchandise should be a piece of cake.


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