In we go


The tunnel was named after two cities, the ones who would be connected through this channel, Rustboro and Vendaturf, Rusturf.

I took a deep breath and plunged in, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. After a bit I could tell that it wasn’t completely black, that light seepd through the cracks and allowed for travellers to see their path, even with all the dust in the air.

Some shadows would come and go, one of them came straight at me, it was a wild pokémon. A Magby.

P15 (2)P15 (3)

I had heard of these pokémon, that they would start cute and small, but their evolution transformed them into fire power houses. This meant I had to capture it, and it only took three pokéballs to manage it.

Magby was part of my roster and a valuable addition.

P15 (4)


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