A few steps ahead I heard someone cussing under his breath. The pirate was there, standing still and waving at something, a pokémon at his feet. He seemed angry at it and shoved it away. He called it a useless hostage. He then threw something else, its pokéball,  not to put it back in, he was throwing the pokéball away.

P17 (2)P17 (3)

The pokémon cowered on the floor as the pirate pulled his hand back and I yelled at him. Told him to pick on someone his own size.

It worked. He shifted his focus to me as I threw a pokéball and started the battle. He then spouted some nonsense about the glory of team Aqua, that no one could stop them, whatever that meant, that I too would be tasting defeat, that I was no match for him… was he not there when I beat him in the forest? Maybe he hit his head after.

His pokémon was a Drilbur, also new to me, a small and seemingly harmless pokémon.

P17 (4)P17 (5)

Boy was I wrong, he kept up with my Ralts and even went as far as score a critical hit on him. If I hadn’t been on my guard I could’ve lost him. I switched him out for Leafeon and managed to win the battle with a critical strike of my own with razor leaf.

He kept his tough guy act but I could tell he was scared and starting to panic. Started mumbling about how he was decieved by his boss, how this was supposed to be an easy job, that his career in team Aqua was over…

P17 (6)P17 (7)

He grabbed something from his pocket and threw it at me. I was caught off guard and got hit straight in the nose. It hurt a lot and started to swell or at least felt like it. I looked back at the pirate but he was nowhere to be found. The coward ran away.

I picked up the package and noticed the Devon logo on its surface, it was the stolen item.

P17 (8)


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