Crossing the maze while battling only once would’ve been too much to ask. I could see a trainer waiting for me on the other side of the next crossroads I came upon. She was sitting on the grass, nose deep in a book and talking to someone on her right, a study buddy. From the way they talked, one could tell they were possibly siblings or at least very good friends.


I approached them but they didn’t even notice me, not until I was pratically standing before them.

I greeted them and asked if they could move so I could pass on through. The girl was obviously startled but quickly rose to her feet signaling her companion to also stand up.

P13 (2)

She said I could go through but only if I managed to beat them both in battle. That they needed to practice the theory.

I accepted the challenge and faced them head on, if you can even call that a challenge since it was almost over before it began.

They didn’t let the battle come to a close, stopped it before their pokémon could be completely defeated. Afterwards they sat back down, thanked me for the experience, said I could go on through and wished me luck.

P13 (3)

If these were to be the trainers of tomorrow then the world was sure to be in good hands.


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