Dead end


The path branched to the right, at the end of which there was something shiny on the ground, seemed like a half buried item.

I had nothing to lose and was in no rush to get through the maze so I went down that path until I faced a wall and the item on the ground. I heard giggling from both sides. There was a well dressed lady to my right, looking at me and twirling a pokéball betweeen her fingers, smiling. I stood up, ready for battle, and that’s when I heard someone clearing his throat behind me.

A teenage boy was smirking through his fancy suit and groomed hair, eveything about him screamed wealth.

The item was left there on purpose, this was a dead end, a trap.

According to her, the lady was the top student at the pokémon academy, claiming to know all the ins and outs of pokémon battle.

The boy kept boasting that beauty equaled power and in that regard his pokémon were the “créme de la créme”… whatever that meant.

P12 (2)P12 (3)

They both came at me, each with their pokémon. I had no time to reorder my pokémon so the top two would have to do, Zorua and Sylveon.

Much to their surpries, I defeated the first pair in an instant and they were forced to use their backup. They were no longer smiling.

The second pair, even though it looked more adept in battle, did not last long. Sylveon alone would’ve been able to beat them with fairy wind.

As expected, they weren’t graceful in defeat, cursing me and my pokémon, blaming me for messing up their hairdos and furs.

P12 (4)P12 (5)

I said my goodbyes, picked up the item, which was a regular pokéball and went back, out of the dead end.


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