Time to go back

Turns out the old man whose pokémon was taken hostage was also the one living at the cottage by the sea right before Petalburg forest. His eyes teared up as he picked up the bruised pokémon, craddled him in his arms and kept trying to calm him down so he could put him back in his pokéball.

After a bit the pokémon seemed to stop shaking, fell asleep and was finally able to go back into his pokéball.

With his pokémon safely back in the pokéball, the man started crying and hugged me, thanking me between sobs. I conforted him as best I could, even if that just meant providing a shoulder to lean and cry on.

It took a while but he did stop sobbing and back away, his face red and wet. His eyes were fixed on me when he bowed and thanked me formally. I responded in kind.

He introduced himself as mister briney and suggested I stop by his cottage so he could thank me properly, he then proceeded out of the tunnel, slowly but surely.

I followed suite and saw him disappear in the hedge maze close by, not taking the path through the tall grass.

P11 (2)

The undercover cop was nowhere to be found, probably reporting back to his chief. I decided to go through the maze as well, the old man was in a hurry to get to the center and took this route to avoid any battles.

I entered the maze but found my path blocked by a small tree. I’ve seen these trees before, they could only be brought down by the HM01, it was time to teach it to a pokémon but which one?

Given my choices it wasn’t that hard to decide, I picked Zorua and if needed be I would replace the move on a later date.

Mister Briney was nowhere to be seen, he probably knew the layout by heart but I had to explore.

At least there didn’t seem to be any tall grass in the maze.



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