All the way to the top


There I was, about to go back into this behemoth of a building.

As soon as I entered the fancy lobby, one of the employess approached and directed me to the counter. Said that I was expected.

The secretary repeated the statement and directed me to the elevator at the end of the hall, badmouthing an employee as soon as she thought I was out of earshot. Something about what an idiot he was for letting the package be stolen.

There was a security guard waiting for me inside the elevator, the top button was already lit up.

Doors closed and the movement didn’t stop until we reached our destination. The security guard gestured me to get out of the elevator and I stepped out onto the soft red carpet.


The stairs were blocked by a carved wooden door, almost like a piece of art.

The room was wide, its walls full of windows that allowed for a wide view of the city. There was a large desk on one end of the room and a couple of couches on the other. Two small glass cases in the middle, displaying some of the company achievements.

A bearded man was sitting at the desk, his eyes set upon some object in front of him. There was a man to his right, the same man that had been stolen twice. He approached me and proceeded to charge me with an assigment, to deliver the package I had retrieved to Slateport, but this time he said I would be compensated.

The man at the desk cleared his throat and beckoned me, encouraging me to come closer. The man next to me changed his demeanour as he was now humbled before the man sitting down, subservient even.


The president of the company was extremely happy to meet me. He thanked me for the help I provided in retrieving the package and provided me with a useful device, a pokénav, which included a map and a cellphone. he said he was aware of the assigment his associate had bestowed upon me and if it wasn’t too much trouble, if I could also deliver a letter to a friend of his in Dewford Town but to be on my guard, there were rumours that criminal organizations named Aqua and Magma were up to no good in the area.

I politely agreed to do it, something about his tone hinted that refusal was not an option.


He thanked me for the service and asked the green suit man to show me the way out. The man obliged but one could tell he was not happy with the way he was ordered. Without even looking me in the eye, he pointed to the wooden door and said that I should look for captain Stern in Slateport.



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