Technology is a wonderful thing



It seemed I would have to take the long way back, at least the exercise would do me good.

One, two, three floors down I ran into a man in a lab coat. Smoking was only allowed in the stairwell. He knew who I was, the whole company was grateful and I was cordially invited to visit the lab where he was working. I accepted, mostly because it could provide the possibility to use the elevator.

The technician remained behind as I ventured in the lab. It wasn’t too big. No windows to speak of but the ambient light replicated the sun almost perfectly. Six desks were spread across the floor, one technician on each seat and two more over a conference table in the corner.

I made my way through the desks, peeked over some shoulders and through it all not one of them looked back, not one noticed me. They were all focused on their work, almost blinded by it.


Pokémon translation, enhanced pokéballs, harnessing of pokémon power, fossil resurrection and these were only the few I understood.

I saw the elevator across the room and headed for it. From then on it was a breeze until I reached the ground floor where the warm air could be felt through the front door inviting me to go out.

The sun felt good on my skin again but I wasn’t even five steps away from the building when one of the technicians came out running after me, said he had just managed an improvement to the pokénav, that besides being able to record more numbers, its range had also been expanded, I could now make and recieve a call almost anywhere. As to confirm it, I was encouraged to call the president of the company whose number I already had apparently.

The call was brief, cordial and after I was once again alone with my pokémon and an uneasy feeling in my stomach.



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