It’s May again


The tunnel was not far and the walk there would have been a good warm up, yes it would have been but alas, the rest of this afternoon was not meant to go as I had hoped.

There was a teenage girl waiting near the center, the same girl I had met near my home. It was May and she was apparently waiting for me.

Turns out Birch was very close to to the Devon company, the president even. He had sent May to help however she could but she was too late, I had already solved the issue.

She asked me about my plans and after a brief talk advised me to go talk to the old man I had helped earlier since he was a wise and experienced seafarer, that he could provide me with safe passage to Dewford town.


I thanked her and was getting ready to leave but she reached for a pokéball and smiled. There was a battle to be fought.

She used her Treecko, which wasn’t a match to my Ralts but May wouldn’t let up, she kept healing him and after a while my pokémon started to suffer.

I changed to Sylveon, rested and ready, and made quick work of her pokémon. She did stop the battle before it could come to a close, showing me she cared for her partner.

Her number was now in my Pokénav and I was set to go on my way, to see if i could hitch a ride across the water.



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