Mr. Briney


The journey back through Petalburg forest was fast and without incident, by now I knew this path almost by heart.

I came to the old house and would have knocked, but the door was wide open, and I could hear laughter come from the inside.

I still knocked on the door and let myself in after a few seconds.

The old man was laughing out loud, running around the table like a little kid, chasing after his pokémon.


The center had healed the pokémon perfectly, left it like new and it ran to me as soon as it saw me, settling on my shoulder and caressing my head with his beak. The old man was tearing up again and proceeded to thank me once again. I bowed in return.

He asked me what had brought me there and I explained my situation.

The man pratically jumped with joy as soon as he heard about my ordeal and ran out the door. Looked like I was going on a boat ride.


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