Mystery caller


The boat was faster than I had thought, true tha the it wouldn’t be long until the sunset but it seemed like we could make port before night settled in.

The seabreeze, the red colours reflecting on the water, one could get lost out here and pay it no mind. Mr. Briney commented on that just soon after, his face showed an immense inner peace which considering his ordeal earlier was quite a feat.

My phone rang at that moent and I answered, not checking if I knew the number or not. It was my father.


The conversation was polite enough, he told me he was aware of my progress beating my first gym and that I should be careful with the cold. Said goodbye and hung up.

I shook it off, wasn’t about to let a this unexpected call ruin my mood. He was obviously keeping tabs on me, but I knew it wasn’t because he cared, probably just worried if I was going to tarnish his good name.

I registered his number so I wouldn’t be caught unaware next time.


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