Bread and style

My stomach growled, all that mess had delayed my breakfast but at least I now had two additional pokémon in my care. The smell of bread still covered the streets, nagging at my appetite, so I followed my nose and eventually found myself inside what looke like a very normal house, not a bakery.

I apologised for intruding but the man was very understanding, stating that it happened all the time, especially with newcomers to the island. He was just finishing baking several loaves of bread and was happy to share some with me. He directed me to the table where there was already a sharp dressed man sitting down. His ensemble was impressive. Individually, each piece was somewhat ugly and disproportionate but the end result was beautiful. Now I don’t care much about fashion or art but even I had to admit this could possibly be a masterpiece.

My analysis didn’t go unnoticed and he smiled at me, complementing on my good taste. That I had an eye for beautiful things. Not quite knowing how to answer I just blushed and sat down.


He said he was an usual there because the beauty he found in clothing, the baker found in his bread which was positively delicious. Just then the baker came out with a big loaf of bread, still steaming and put it down in the middle of the table, he then went back to get a large platter with several types of ham, cheese, butter and jam. There was so much variety I didn’t know where to start but once I did I couldn’t stop, it was just as advertised. I sampled everything on the table until there was nothing left but crumbs.

The other two were smiling at the end of the meal and it was only then that I realised I had eaten most of it by myself.

The baker was happy, he said nothing gave him more pleasure than someone really enjoying his creations. I felt a need to get out of there, mostly because of embarassment, so I asked how much I owed the baker to which he shook his head and said my company during the meal was all the payment he had needed. that only embarassmed me further, so i got up, thanked him for the meal and headed to the door.


The other man stopped me and stretched out his hand. In it there was an exquisite silk scarf. The patterns in it were almost mesmerizing.

He said it was an item that would boost certain pokémon moves and that he had seen something in me, that I would go on to be a great trainer if I just remembered to appreciate all the beautiful things in life.

After that he bid me farewell and sat back down.



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