Fishermen abound

27-03_4_1I headed North, following the steps of the reporter I had met until I encountered a fisherman on the beach. In one swift motion, he turned around and threw the fishing line in my direction but there was a pokéball where there should be a hook. It was a trainer and of course, a battle ensued. It was fast and brutal but I had no sympathy for him. He was using pokémon as a lure, as bait for catching others. They were disposable to him and I didn’t want anything to do with it.

I moved on and encountered another fisherman. This one was packing up his gear which included proper fishing material. He looked up at me and proposed a battle to which I obliged.


He did put up a fight, mostly because his pokémon were surprisingly not of the water type but I did manage a victory.

Afterwards he welcomed me to the island and said that if I has the time I should visit the nearby cave, that people went inside all the time in search of rare pokémon and I remembered that the woman that brought the injured pokémon to the center found it in a cave. Perhaps a small excursion could expand my pokédex, there was no rush to deliver the letter.



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