Gift of a traveller

The streets were bustling with movement, people leaving or arriving from several boats and merchants trading their wares.

One of the fresh arrivals looked lost, like she was searching for someone or something. I asked if I could be of service and her quietness evaporated as questions just flooded the air.

I didn’t catch most of them but from what I did understand, she was a reporter travelling the land, investigating the various trends and fashions that influenced our way of life.


She had learned that this town had a center dedicated exactly to her pursuit and was searching for it. She couldn’t be seen with anything so outdated as what she called an old pokémon if she were ever to make a good impression on this society, so she pulled out a pokéball and handed it over to me before I could muster up a yes. It was a Bulbasaur.

She then asked me where she could capture a more recent pokémon and again, before I could answer, said there should be a cave North of the town. She had heard some people talking about it on the ride over. She explained there should be plenty new pokémon with which to impress, maybe even a rare or shiny one.

She bid me farewell and left me standing there, confused, speechless, with a pokéball on my hand and wondering what in the world had just happened.



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