Morning explanation


The sounds of the ocean made for an easy and peaceful sleep. And slept I did, like a rock.

The next morning I was greeted with the smell of fresh bread coming from the nextdoor bakery and proceeded to make my way out of the center.

The nurse was pratically equal to her counterparts in the other centers and this time I couldn’t help myself and inquired about it.

She smiled and started to explain, that almost every nurse in every center were pratically related by blood, they were all descended from the very first family that cared for pokémon, the first family that created the first center and that even though they looked very similar at first glance, they were in fact anything but. When a pokémon nurse completed their education they were supplied with the appropriate garments, tools and knowledge to effectively become and embody nurse joy. The fact was that anyone could become a nurse at a center but all of them would be nurse joy. This was done not only to honor the very first nurse but also due to a study that proved that this particular setup was the most soothing to pokémon. Small changes had been done to the outfit throughout the years but they were barely noticeable.


She smiled before my surprised face. Said she never got tired of the face people made when she explained it, then politely sent me on my way.

As I was leaving I almost knocked down a young woman that came through the door, panicking and holding a pokémon I had never seen before. She said she had found it fading in the cave, that it needed urgent care. Joy urged us to approach and promptly took the injured pokémon and started the healing process.

The young woman said she had to go, that her father was waiting for her and probably worried sick, that if I wanted I could take care of the pokémon, a Riolu she called it. I accepted and informed Joy I would be taking care of Riolu, if it would want me as a trainer. As soon as it was awake it started to panic, but calmed down as he saw me. Neither me or Joy knew why but he reached for me in search of comfort. He was out of danger and my presence was no longer needed or wanted, the pokémon still had some recovery ahead of him and my worrying would only hinder it. So I left, in search of breakfast and the one called Steven the one to whom I had been given a letter.



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