Just past the entrance

This cave had no distinguishing features at first glance, just a regular cave like some many others, just seemed a bit darker.

As far as I could tell, the entrance chamber was very spacious, no random obstacles or rocks to block the sight. I was also unable to tell if the cave went on or not. There didn’t seem to be any tunnels leading out of this chamber.


I heard glass cracking and noticed the man leaning on the wall to my right, he had just dropped an empty beer bottle to the floor breaking it in several pieces. The amount of glass on the floor suggested that the man had been there and drinking for quite a while.

He yelled at me to come closer. There was no threat in his voice, no urgency, just a loud voice urging me to approach.

He greeted me without reserve and violence but was clearly altered. He concluded I was a trainer from the pokéballs in my belt and the bulky backpack. He said he hadn’t seen a trainer in this cave for quite a while, that his time and gifts were wasted waiting for them. Yes he was waiting for trainers to enter the cave, his only purpose was to give them the HM 05, also called Flash, an essential skill if anyone wished to explore the cave any further. According to him there was a hole in the ground and some stairs that paved the way to the various sub levels.

Darkness was pitch black down there, and the only way to see through it was to use the new HM I had been given. No flashlight or candle would do.

I thanked the man as he proceeded to grumble about his job and opened another beer. Everyone treated him the same but it was his own damn fault, who told him to come up with this HM? Who told him to share the gift? And now he was working for the league by being just another stepping stone on the path of every trainer. Even those that didn’t train just ignored him, like a man called Steven, that had appeared late last night and wanted to explore the cave. The Flash man tried to discourage the other one, saying that he would get lost, and he was right. The other man had not come out of the cave.

Great, now my messenger service turned into a rescue mission.


I tought Flash to Shelly, and proceeded down the stairs and into blackness. I told him to activate Flash but it had no effect. Again and again I urged him to use the move, but nothing happened.

I could hear laughter and a voice echoing from upstairs. Something about needing a badge in order to use the move. Damn it.

I knew Dewford had a gym but was avoiding the challenge until I had the letter business sorted out but now it came first.


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