The darkness beckons

I turned around and stretched my hands in order to grab the handle on the stairs but my hands caught nothing but air.


Again I reached, to the left, right, but the handle was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t have gone that far from the stairs, I had only taken a few steps, I shouldn’t have had any trouble getting back. Should being the operative word here.

I calmed myself and reached my hands forward once more. This time I grabbed something, and it was squirming. It was a pokémon and it did not like to be grabbed.

My Ralts jumped out of his pokéball to protect me and i managed to get a glimpse of the wild pokémon in question. I had fought one before, in the hands of team Aqua.


I recalled it put up quite a fight and I decided on its capture, one that went smoothly. The olny real problem was to accurately aim at the pokémon in question.


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