Blind challenge



I knew where the gym was but I knew not what this battle entailed, nothing a little recon wouldn’t fix. The sign by the gym was very helpful in that regard. Not only did I find out that this was a fighting type gym but I also learned the name of their leader, Brawly.

With a psychic pokémon and a fairy type one at my disposal, if the level range wasn’t too wide then I shouldn’t have any trouble beating this gym.

I struggled a bit with the idea of training a bit in the cave but without the usage of Flash it would become a very tedious task, so I took a deep breath and walked through the door… into utter darkness.


The gym was almost as dark as the lower levels of the cave, I could barely see a man standing a meter from me. He was smiling when I approached and seemed excited that i was going to take on this gym.

Among the rewards for beating it, besides the prestige and badge, would come the ability to use Flash outside of battle, just as I had previously thought.

Unsurprisingly this gym was also a maze, seemed like it was a recurring theme among pokémon leaders, and the only way through was to face several of the trainers along the path.

After the brief exposition, the man gave me a small lantern that could barely light up two meters and sent me on my way, wishing me good luck.



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