Laura’s leap


A few steps ahead and I was completely lost, my only hope was to hug a wall and see it through. Would take a long time to cross the maze but given my limited visibility, it was the best way I could think of.

Five minutes later I heard laughter fill the air but couldn’t tell where it was coming from, as fara as I could see there was no one around me, the corridor where I was looked empty. The laugh stopped and a loud whistle descended upon me. Whoever it was, they were on top of one of the walls.

She yelled bingo and I could barely see her silhouette as she jumped off, pirouetted and then landed very softly right in front of me. Her eyes were closed as she waved her arms about precisely and deliberately in some sort of martial arts form. In one swift and fluid motion her hand went into a pouch and pulled out a purple pokéball. She bowed, introduced herself as Laura, smiled at me and opened the ball.


The Meditite’s movements were very precise, it was obvious that this was a very well trained pokémon. Didn’t last long thoug. He was down after only two hits from Ralts, and as one would expect form gym trainers, she didn’t let her pokémon go to waste and stopped the battle in time.

She let out yell, saying she had lost, probably warning the others, she then approached me and grabbed my lantern. On its back there were several drawings of locks I hadn’t noticed before. She rubbed her ring on one of them and it lit up, making the available light brighter. I could now see the top of the walls and before I knew it, Laura was up there again, sitting with her eyes closed, meditating.



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